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What is the Best CRM for Home Services? HouseCall Pro VS Jobber VS Job Nimbus VS Service Titan

There are many different CRMs for home services.

Between HouseCall Pro, Jobber, Job Nimbus, and Service Titan, home contractors have many options. But which one is the best?

In this article, we will discuss what makes each of these CRMs great and what problems they have as well.

We will also compare them to find out which one is the best fit for your business!


What is a CRM?

First, let's take a second to define what CRMs are.

A CRM or customer relationship management system is a web-based or mobile software that helps manage your current and prospective customers to make more sales or provide better service for those who have already purchased something from you.


In essence, a CRM should remember everything about your interactions to provide relevant information to you in the future, thus making your workload management easier.

A CRM is an excellent option for any home service business, but it's essential to find one that fits your needs and goals!

Here are some of the key features to consider when shopping around:

  • Ability to sort sales leads by priority (or importance), activity level, or close date;

  • Ability to set up reminders for follow-ups and appointments;

  • Chat functionality, so that you can reply quickly from your phone or computer;

  • The ability to create quotes and proposals with a few clicks of the mouse.

Each CRM comes with pros and cons—here's how HouseCall Pro, Jobber, Job Nimbus, and Service Titan stack up.

HouseCall Pro

Housecall Pro Logo

HouseCall Pro is a web and mobile app for home service providers, who use it to manage client information like scheduling appointments.

It is also great for tracking employee hours with its GPS feature which ensures that employees are paid appropriately.

It's simple to use, even with such an extensive list of features, making this CRM perfect for new customers and those looking for a platform to grow with them as they expand.

Housecall Pro also features a sales proposal tool, consumer financing, Quickbooks desktop integration, and equipment tracking, and potential clients can use Facebook and Yelp to book with you.

Housecall Pro has community factors like a large group on Facebook, video content for various service types that customers can access, and connections cultivated between those in the network.

Housecall Pro provides web-based and mobile solutions for homeowners, small businesses, and many other types of organizations. The pricing, between $39 and $199 a month, is based on the size of your business and your needs.

The positive:

  • Create quotes and notes, share pictures and documents

  • Live chat with customers

  • Simple payment portal (techs can process payments at the job site)

  • Great customer service

  • Manage and assign tasks to your team members with a shared inbox

The negative:

  • Lack of customization for invoices and emails

  • No reporting functionality


Jobber Logo - Kyber

Jobber is an excellent CRM option if you are looking for all-inclusive software with many features and integrations with other programs, such as invoicing options or customer relationship management systems.

This CRM makes it easier to take on and complete home service jobs.

Built for users with any experience level, Jobber's app brings everything together to make your entire job and customer experience seamless from start to finish.

Jobber offers customizable field service management software that is appropriate for any industry. The client hub allows your clients to approve quotes, pay their invoices, see or print their receipts and book more jobs with you.

For business owners and operators, you can optimize routes, send quotes and invoices via text, and get paid on the spot with Jobber's mobile app. The cost of the service is between $39 and $249, monthly.

The positive:

  • Quick invoicing options

  • Efficient scheduling and dispatching

  • Easy client relationship and job management

  • Employee GPS and time tracking

  • Customizable dashboard layout

  • Easy-to-read calendar

  • Easy management of quotes and orders

The negative:

  • Its price point beyond basic features is one of the highest among CRMs.

  • Can be hard to navigate/learn


JobNimbus Logo - Kyber

JobNimbus is a CRM and project management solution designed for contractors and other SMBs to organize tasks, track leads, and hire experienced staff, allowing business owners to spend time growing their businesses.

Used by building contractors, home services providers, and the like, the software is equipped with interactive boards that allow you to manage tasks and projects, create reports, track leads, send out bids, and more.

JobNimbus has a project planner for monitoring the progress of tasks.

As such, you can be aware of project timelines and give accurate estimates to your clients and see which parts of the workflow still need improvement. Pricing is between $25 and $75 a month.

The positive:

  • Integration options, such as QuickBooks

  • Keeps workflow organized; manages documents, emails, and communication

  • Ability to easily track prospects and leads

  • Thorough contact hub

  • Cloud-based platform

The negative:

  • The mobile app can be hard to use

Service Titan

Service Titan Logo

Service Titan is software specifically designed for business owners such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians.

It offers services to help track marketing ROI (return on investment) and provide tracking for each individual call to see if it has become a completed sale or missed opportunity.

ServiceTitan is a resourceful and speedy mobile solution for techs to use. It offers a beautiful design and streamlined payments and invoicing, paperless reports, call recording, and dashboards that allow you to monitor and provide support to technicians in real-time.

ServiceTitan pricing is based on a quote system.

The positive:

  • All of their features are included in one package and include lead capture, text message notifications for quotes and invoices, job tracking interface, customizable sales pipeline visualization tools

  • Customer data storage

  • Training library available

  • Marketing campaign success monitoring

  • Excellent customer service

  • Call recording feature

The negative:

  • Some accounting functionality

  • Can take many 'clicks' to get to a solution


What is the Best CRM for Home Services?

Finding the best CRM for your home services business can depend on how you plan to use it and what features might be most important.

It's essential to find a CRM that fits your needs and goals, whether an easy-to-use interface, many integrations, or customization options. There are plenty of great tools out there for those in the home services industry.

HouseCall Pro is simple and easy to use, though it doesn't offer customization options or access outside CRM data. Jobber provides various features for any experience level with their app that includes customizable field service management software but has an expensive price point.

Job Nimbus is best for small businesses because it offers a time-saving, easy-to-use hub with integration options and simplifications.

ServiceTitan has all the features in one package, including lead capture tools, invoicing via text message for quotes or orders, a job tracking interface, and customizable sales pipeline visualization tools, though some accounting functionality is glitchy.

If you are looking for a CRM that offers an easy-to-use interface with many integrations, then Jobber is the best option.

If you want customization options and integration capabilities, Service Titan may be what you need. HouseCall Pro offers simplicity in its features, while Job Nimbus might be the perfect fit if your business needs an all-inclusive software system.

Your CRM choice will ultimately depend on your company's goals and priorities—let us know which one sounds like it would work best for you!



A CRM or customer relationship management system will help you manage current and prospective clients.

There are many different CRMs for home services to choose from, including:

  • HouseCall Pro

  • Jobber

  • Job Nimbus

  • Service Titan

Home contractors have many options, but which one is the best?

  • JobNimbus is best for small businesses.

  • ServiceTitan is all-inclusive, and great for lead capture, text invoicing, job tracking, and a customizable pipeline.

  • Jobber has an easy-to-use interface with many integrations.

  • HouseCall Pro used to manage client information like scheduling appointments

Overall, we recommend HouseCall Pro’s simple features, but JobNimbus might be better as an all-inclusive software system.

Your CRM choice will ultimately depend on your company's goals and priorities!


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