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Top 5 Alternatives to HomeAdvisor for 2021

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

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If you run your own contracting business, then you’ve likely heard of HomeAdvisor as a viable online option for securing new business.

Unfortunately, using a service like HomeAdvisor or Angi (previously known as Angie's List) is not advisable.

While they may get you leads, they hide their leads around paywalls and restrict those who can advertise on their site to certain income earnings.


If you are looking for a reputable marketplace to showcase your contracting services, we’ve provided 5 alternatives for you.

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack Logo - Kyber Courses

Thumbtack is a platform that pairs homeowners with local contractors and other professionals.

On the platform, there are hundreds of services to choose from, including:

  • wellness

  • home improvement

  • accounting

  • event services

  • lessons

Thumbtack is not as well known as some other platforms but is starting to gain momentum as a means to generate leads. A homeowner posts a job or required service and the relevant information, and a list of professionals offering the services is populated.

The homeowner examines the business profiles of the professionals returned in the search, and they can decide whether or not to request a quote.

Once a relationship is formed, the contractor and homeowner deal with the payment and any other arrangements; this is not available through the Thumbtack platform.

Thumbtacks - Kyber Courses

Contractors will complete a thorough business profile that helps homeowners decide on a professional to contact.

The pricing model is slightly unclear. Contractors will pay for leads through credits, but the number of credits required for a job varies depending on the number of quotes a job receives and the location of the job.

Contractors also pay for leads that do not convert into contracts.

Advantages of Thumbtack

• Initial cost of leads is low

• Varied services requested

• Small business-friendly

Disadvantages of Thumbtack

• You still pay for leads that do not turn into contracts

2. eLocal

elocal logo - Kyber courses

eLocal is an advertising company that connects its users with local businesses.

eLocal specializes in services such as:

  • legal

  • medical

  • financial

  • insurance

  • home improvement

The pricing model is performance-based, so professionals do not need to pay sign-up fees and are not hit with any hidden costs.

Contractors control spending with eLocal, so pricing does not get out of hand, and there is a customer support team dedicated to each professional.

Advantages of eLocal

  • Pay per call is available

  • Individual customer service

Disadvantages of eLocal

  • Exclusive leads are costly

3. Phyxter

Phyxter home service - Kyber courses

Phyxter is a newer company, but it is incredibly easy to use. It also is used differently than other similar platforms, allowing a homeowner to hire a contractor right away for an emergency or to post home improvement jobs that contractors can bid on.

One of the best features of Phyxter is that contractors do not pay to speak with customers.

This means that users only pay for leads that convert, and there are no additional registration or marketing costs.

Home service - Kyber Courses

Payments are processed through the platform’s secure payment system, so there is no worry about chasing outstanding invoices.

The app also features a part sourcing component that puts users in touch with parts suppliers to find out pricing and inventory.

Every job posted creates a chat with the homeowner so you can discuss the details of the project and they can post photos or ideas allowing for more accurate quotes.

Phyxter also has an excellent referral program that rewards users who have successfully referred someone who hired a contractor on the app.

Advantages of Phyxter:

  • Quoting and invoicing system is free to use

  • Automatic notification when quotes are approved

  • Partnership with Klein Tools offers contractors up to 20% off purchases

Disadvantages of Phyxter:

  • Contractors do not need to complete background and credential checks, but users can see whether one has done so or not

4. Houzz

Houzz Logo - Kyber Courses

Houzz is a platform that functions similar to social media. Contractors create profiles that allow users to see what type of services they provide.

Users can also read testimonials from homeowners who have used the contractor.

One exceptional feature of this platform is the option to create vision boards that function somewhat like Pinterest.

These boards give professionals and clients an idea of how to collaborate on home improvement projects.

There is no charge to join Houzz, but contractors can pay to have their profile rank higher in the results.

Houzz also offers products for purchase through advertising, which sets it apart from other platforms of the same style. The majority of the projects on Houzz are home improvement-related.

It is mainly focused on home improvement projects, and users can connect with their chosen contractor through the platform.

Advantages of Houzz

•Profiles are free to create, and you can add photos. User reviews are a great way to get feedback

• Contractors can choose to pay for a profile boost

Disadvantages of Houzz

• Advertisements are not a surety for sales

• Customer service is not great

5. NextDoor

nextdoor logo - Kyber courses

Nextdoor is another platform that is similar to social media, but users join a local neighborhood.

This social platform is used for networking with people within the same community.

Users can ask for recommendations of local service provides or contractors and post updates like community news, events, or lost pets.

To join, users must list their full name and address, which is also used to determine their proper 'neighborhood'. A neighborhood boundary is determined by a user who has referred at least ten household sign-ups, so you may have a large neighborhood until another 'neighbor' has enough households to sign up for Nextdoor.

For contractors, Nextdoor can be a great place to find leads if your neighborhood is active.

Advantages of Nextdoor:

  • Verified name and address prompts trust among users

  • Users are able to ask for and give recommendations for contractors or other service providers with testimonials

  • Contractors can find homeowners with projects needing completion

Disadvantages of Nextdoor:

  • User recommendations are not vetted

  • Can get cluttered with greetings from neighborhood members

  • Neighborhood boundaries can be too broad


Final Thoughts

The platforms listed give users alternatives to using HomeAdvisor or Angi for generating leads. Contractors and homeowners can connect on the apps and services listed above, some with more obvious benefits than others.

While HomeAdvisor and Angi might be the most well-known, they are expensive and can end up hurting your business in the long run.


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