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How to use Thumbtack to get Home Improvement Leads - Residential Improvement Contractors Edition

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As a contractor specializing in residential improvement, you know how important it is to get your business known by local homeowners.

Home improvement leads can be hard to come by even if you know where to look for them but they are the most critical key to your success.

One of the best ways to get your business exposure to potential leads is through a listing service.

Some platforms and directory services are better than others, but our experience has shown that one great platform is Thumbtack.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate online services when you are a busy contractor.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a guide on using Thumbtack to get home improvement leads from homeowners looking for a residential improvement contractor.


What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtacks - Kyber

Thumbtack is an app or online platform used by homeowners and service providers.

Homeowners and residents can search for many different residential improvement professionals, such as contractors, flooring installers, painters, and drywallers specific to their local area.

Thumbtack is actually a one-stop shop for local services, and users can also search for personal trainers, dog walkers, music lessons, and more.

Contractors can create a pro account; through this, you can describe the services you offer, communicate with leads, make appointments, and more—all free of charge.

Thumbtack also offers residential improvement contractors some paid options that can be beneficial to your business.

For high-quality and plentiful leads, you will need to pay. After booking clients, your contracts can leave reviews for your work, building your reputation as a professional and expert residential contractor.

As a result, it is vital to encourage your clients to leave reviews to boost your reputation and increase your leads of homeowners who are more apt to hire you.

Lead Generation on Thumbtack

Lead Generation - Kyber

Thumbtack users looking for residential home improvement services may narrow their search for home contractors by zip code.

Once they search, the results will have reviews, detailed information about a local contractor's services, and photos of their completed projects.

In order to generate interest and encourage users to contact contractors and service providers, your contact information is hidden from view.

After viewing your profile, users may wish to send you a message on the platform, and at that point, you will need to pay for the lead.

In addition, you may choose to bid on job request posts. A key to this is optimizing your profile that outlines your experience and the types of services you provide.

For your profile to be noticed, you should post a photo so that potential customers can see who you are. You can post pictures of finished jobs, and if you have something you specialize in, this is the time to let it shine, so describe this in your profile.

We get a little more into this below.

After optimizing, you may choose to bid on job requests, and the price to do so depends on your industry and the demand for the job.

How to Use Thumbtack

You can start appearing on search results after doing two steps:

Getting at least one review from a past customer, and setting up targeting preferences to help you get matched with the right customers.

Your potential customer then reaches out to you through a priority email, call, or booking.

One of the most appealing features of Thumbtack is how you can choose who you work with and find jobs that best suit your work skills.

Once you've selected the type of customer you are looking for, set your preferences by specifying where and when you work as well as which jobs interest you. Be sure to update your preferences in searchable areas in order to be found by clients.

When a customer that matches your targets needs an expert for their task, you will pay to access that lead.

Thinking - Kyber

In addition to direct requests, you can also browse for opportunities on Thumbtack by clicking the tab labeled “Opportunities.”

If you find an opportunity you're interested in, start a conversation with the customer.

When searching for new clients, respond to the prompts that are a match to your service. If you're looking for more jobs besides these exact matches, check out what opportunities are available on your dashboard.

If a customer starts a conversation with you, review the job details and reply quickly. The faster you respond, the better your chances of getting hired.

What Types of Leads to Expect on Thumbtack

You will have to pay for the first message you get from a lead, and that price varies depending on the type of lead, as follows:

Partial Match

A partial match lead is a user who does not match all of your target preference settings. You may wish to change your target preferences after using the platform for some time.

You can change your preferences in areas such as broadening or tightening your travel radius, the areas you are willing to work, and your hours of operation or availability.

If you receive an unsuitable partial match, you can decline the lead and not pay for it. However, should you choose to accept the lead, you will be charged for it.

Exact Match

An exact match is a user that matches the target preferences you have provided on Thumbtack. You will be charged for an exact match that contacts you, but Thumbtack often offers a discounted rate for any subsequent matches.

What Makes a Great Thumbtack Profile

It would be best to remember that your profile will be combed over by homeowners looking for residential improvement contractors, which means that they will be comparing you to your competitors.

Creating an enticing profile can help you to gain more leads that become sales. The following items should be covered:

  • Introduction: You want to give a good insight into what type of worker you are, your experience, and a little about you and your business.

  • Hires: The number of hires you have found on the platform will be listed, which helps to build your brand reputation and will generate further leads

  • Ratings: Your reviews and ratings will be visible to users that are perusing contractor profiles. Encouraging your clients to post reviews will help develop your reputation as an expert residential improvement contractor, and if you receive a bad review, you must reach out to the client to rectify the situation and protect your reputation

  • Specialties: If you have specialties that would be beneficial to highlight on a profile, you should list it

  • Details: Think about your frequently asked questions, and answer them in your profile. For instance, the number of employees in your business, how many years you have been in operation, if you are bondable, licensed, and able to pass a background check, the payment methods you accept, and your social media profile links for further photos and information

While using a photo of you in your profile gives your customers an idea of who they are speaking with, your business logo will also be sufficient and will familiarize users with your brand image.

It is essential to use videos and photos of your past work. Videos are a great way to engage customers and work well in online marketing. You may choose to show past projects or even give detailed descriptions of your style, professionalism, and expertise.

You will also want to take advantage of providing answers in the FAQ section of your profile. Use concise answers that give users an idea of your level of experience, education or training, knowledge, and what to expect when hiring you.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to fill out a detailed profile means that you are magnifying the chance that a user will contact you.

Use of Keywords

Customers looking for a particular service know exactly what they want, and you want to be discovered by them. This is where using specific keywords becomes crucial to generating leads.

Use your profile to use keywords that will ensure that you appear high in search results. You can discover keywords that should be in your profile by completing your own search of residential improvement contractors or any of the specific services you provide.

Take note of the keywords that appear in the profile of users ranking higher than you, and tweak your profile as necessary.


Get Started on Thumbtack

Thumbtack Logo

Use Thumbtack to your advantage and sell your services to users looking to hire residential improvement contractors.

By creating a compelling profile, and being responsive to reviews, messages and paying attention to the competition, you will benefit from lead generation and the resulting sales.



One of the best forms of business exposure is through a listing service like Thumbtack.

Thumbtack is an app or online platform used by homeowners and service providers and is a great tool for residential improvement contractors.

Contractors can create an account, describe the services they offer, communicate with leads, make appointments, and more—all free of charge.

However, you can also pay for leads or service requests.

Start appearing in searches by getting at least one review from a past customer, and setting up targeting preferences to help you get matched with the right customers.

Use Thumbtack to your advantage and sell your services to users looking to hire residential improvement contractors.


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