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How to use NextDoor to get Home Improvement Leads - Residential Contractors Edition

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Smart business owners know two things about getting leads: look online and recognize a good quality lead.

As a residential contractor, generating and managing leads in one place is both time and energy saving.

Nextdoor can help you find home improvement leads that will bring you more business and save you money in your marketing budget.


What is NextDoor?

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Nextdoor is one of the fastest-growing social network platforms in America. It's used to connect neighbors within a certain area to local businesses and services and to each other.

Nextdoor has gained so much popularity that over 265,000 neighborhoods in 11 countries, and close to 1 in 3 households in the US use the platform as their online community.

Nextdoor is basically a real-time social network app that connects you with your neighbors and allows you to chat with them through group posts or private messages.

Nextdoor provides insights into what other people in your neighborhood are talking about and news about the local community, such as crime, home sales, and community events.

Nextdoor is also useful for finding or offering services from nearby professionals like plumbers, gardeners, electricians, tradespeople, etc., which is where home improvement contractors can benefit from finding leads.

How To Get Home Improvement Leads from Nextdoor

There are a few steps to get started on getting leads from Nextdoor:

Step 1: Create Personal Profile

Nextdoor Step 1 - Kyber Courses

You will first need to create a personal profile, and the setup is fairly straightforward.

Head to the Nextdoor app or website, where you can fill out your personal profile.

The first step is indicating your zip code, address, and email.

Then you will have further prompts to fill out some biographical information, a phone number, decide on how your address will show on your profile, and some other preferences will be required to complete the setup!

Step 2: Create Your Business Profile on Nextdoor

nextdoor step 2 - Kyber Courses

To set up your business profile, visit, where you will sign in to your personal account.

You will then search your business, and if Nextdoor does not have it listed, you may create it yourself.

You will want to provide contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses.

Because the point of setting up a Nextdoor account is to generate leads for your home improvement business, you should upload your 500 x 500 pixel logo to your profile.

Nextdoor also recommends uploading a cover image that is 1156 x 650 pixels.

You will also want to give your neighbors a peek into your story. Provide a bio or a little information about your business history, and be sure to include your availability, specific areas of expertise, and certifications (if any).

Use the opportunity to select business categories so that your business is easier to find. You might want to add home improvement, renovations, and remodel for your residential contractor business.

Including any available photos of recent work and projects completed provides potential customers with an idea of what they would be getting if they were to contract your services.

If you choose, you can include a pricing list here.

Step 3: Post Local Deals for your Home Improvement Business

As you can imagine, there are many contractors doing home improvement work in every neighborhood.

For a better chance of having your business stand out from others on NextDoor, we recommend you post Local Deals for your residential contractor services. Homeowners love a special discount or promotion.

And, they will want to share it with friends and neighbors so they can save some money on their next home improvement project.

You can also use Local Deals as an opportunity to promote any new services you are offering.

For example, if your residential contractor business gets a lot of calls for tile floor installation, then consider creating a deal that says something like: "Call us today if you need flooring installation services.

This month, you can get a free consultation and 25% off your total bill."

When you post a deal, make sure that the information is brief so customers can read it fast. Do not use too many words because most people will not stop long enough to read long passages.

Always make sure that your Local Deal is beneficial to both parties. Local Deals are a paid product on Nextdoor and cost an average of about $75. You can select your audience for the Local Deal, and you can adjust this with your needs.

Step 4: Pay Attention to the Metrics

Business Metrics - Kyber Courses

Some metrics to pay attention to when using Nextdoor:

  • Nextdoor Recommendations is one of the most crucial metrics on Nextdoor, and your organic growth will come from the number and value of the recommendations you get.

  • Nextdoor Neighbors indicates the number of people on Nextdoor that can see your profile.

  • Nextdoor Neighborhoods indicates how many neighborhoods will see your business profile. You will need to earn recommendations from neighbors to appear in more neighborhoods, but the reach is capped at a 50-mile radius.

  • Local Deals Views indicates the number of views your Local Deal receives on the app.

  • Local Deal Clicks indicates the number of clicks your Local Deal receives on the app.

  • Local Deal Saves indicates the number of times a user saved your Local Deal.

  • Organic Neighborhood Reach indicates the number of neighborhoods that you appear in without promoting on Nextdoor.

Step 5: Introduce Yourself to Your Nextdoor Neighbors and Watch Your Business Grow

Due to the nature of networking, your neighbors will expect quick responses from you. A good response rate can increase the number of leads you get.

Creating a list of FAQs that are easily accessible can also garner more leads, as customers will have instant answers at their fingertips.

Recommendations are the driving force behind your visibility on Nextdoor, as you will need three recommendations from neighbors, so react to or comment on recommendations you have received to drive your engagement and create interest.

We recommend posting one Local Deal, engaging with neighbors and your neighborhood, then move on to other marketing activities such as:

  • Getting recommendations (reviews) from customers who have used your residential services in the past.

  • Planning social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Keeping an eye out for special events that you can sponsor or show up at.

  • Creating new blog content for your website based on customer inquiries.

The goal is not to overdo it and clutter up your business profile; otherwise, you will look desperate for more leads.

Focus on leaving short but powerful statements about the service offered by your residential contractor business on NextDoor.

Using Your Personal Profile on Nextdoor

On the Nextdoor website, you are not limited to using your business profile to get leads for home improvement jobs.

You can also use your personal profile to find homeowners that are hiring home improvement contractors.

Click on your neighborhood and go to the pages where people are posting their needs for residential contractors like you.

You will be able to find many people looking for various services, and Nextdoor allows you to use your personal profile to respond, and you can offer your business services and let your neighbors know more about your business services, expertise, and more.

Nextdoor is an excellent way for business owners to generate leads on a platform designed to connect people in close geographical proximity.

You will gain insight into the services people in your local community are looking for and find out what's happening locally.



Nextdoor is one of the fastest-growing social network platforms in America.

While it’s primarily used for neighbors to connect with local businesses and services and each other, contractors can also use it for lead generation.

To get leads, do the following:

  1. Set up a personal profile page

  2. Create your business profile page

  3. Post local deals for your business

  4. Gain insight from your NextDoor metrics

  5. Introduce yourself to your neighbours and watch your business grow

Use NextDoor to generate leads by joining neighborhood conversations, responding to requests for contractor or home improvement services, and creating Local Deals to become more visible to your neighbors.


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