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10 Quick Tips You Can Implement Now to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

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Is your landing page getting lots of traffic, but without the conversion to leads?

Digital marketing can be frustrating when you think your site is optimized, but the traffic isn't turning into leads.

When you can't pinpoint the cause of your landing page's low conversion rates, it is time to consider that your landing page might not be as optimized as you think.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to modify your landing pages to improve your conversion rate.

The best part?

You can implement these modifications today to immediately convert traffic to leads!


What is a Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate is the rate at which visitors to your website take the desired action. For example, your goal may be to convert visitors into newsletter subscribers, to move them further down the marketing funnel, or to convert a direct sale.

Converting can be extremely tough. Even if you are running Facebook ads or other PPC click campaigns, you will be wasting money and time if you don’t focus on conversions.

You can calculate your conversion rate using a simple equation.

Take the number of conversions (desired actions taken) for a set period of time and divide it by the total number of page visitors for the same period of time and multiply by 100.

Conversion Rate = (converstions/total visitors) x 100

So, if you have 25 conversions and 1000 page visitors, your conversion rate would be:

(25/ 1000)*100= 2.5%

Conversion rates can vary across industries and may vary depending on the action you wish the visitor to take. The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. The top 10% of pages convert at a rate of 11.45%.

Things to Consider When Improving Your Conversion Rate

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So now that you know how to calculate your conversion rate, you can determine whether or not it needs improvement.

If your current conversion rate is below 2.35%, any rapid increase may be overwhelming and considerations should be made.

Instead of comparing your business to a conventional standard, learn the best conversion rate for your business. To do so, you will need to figure out your goal:

What is the rate that you would deem a success for your particular business?

And, how fast do you want to achieve that goal?

From there, you can plan the steps you need to take to make the goal a reality without overwhelming your capacity and capabilities.

Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

So, what do those high conversion landing pages have that yours doesn't?

Here are 10 quick tips for landing page conversion that you can implement today.

1. Make Your Landing Pages Visually Appealing

You have about 0.05 seconds to make an impression on your website visitors.

That is not enough time to read your content, but it is enough time to please their eyes.

If your landing pages are visually appealing, your visitors will stay on your page longer, and that means they will connect with your content.

Add some interactive features to your landing pages to give them some personality. A visually appealing and interactive landing page is more likely to convert. You can also take your landing pages to the extreme and turn off visitors as a result.

A well-designed page with multimedia features will be more beneficial than a cluttered landing page that uses stock photos and multiple pop-ups.

2. Increase Your Website Loading Speed

If your website is not loading quickly enough, you will lose out on conversions—a 3-second delay will mean that you lose 40% of your website visitors.

What is making your landing pages so slow? Large images are probably the culprit. Cut down on your landing page loading time by compressing your images or finding smaller ones. Your visitors will be pleased.

3. Optimize Your Landing Page for Mobile Users

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Chances are, your site is being accessed most frequently by mobile device users. So, suppose your landing page format reads oddly on a mobile screen. In that case, your visitors will find another site that is easier to read and easier to see what they are looking for.

A parallel background might look great on a laptop, but on a mobile device, it is going to slow the scroll, and that is not going to work in your favor.

Mobile users also want simplified forms to fill out. This includes checking out from shopping and signing up for newsletters. Simplifying customer forms will mean less reluctance to sign up, and thus, more conversions for you.

4. Define Your Call to Action (CTA)

Your landing pages should have a clear call to action, and each one should direct visitors towards your sales funnel pr desired action. To convince your landing page visitors to convert, your call to action should be concise.

While links are great and should be part of your linking strategy, having too many links on your landing page will only cause confusion for your visitors. They may lose interest before they make it through to purchase.

5. Target Your Audience

With the amount of ad noise that buyers are faced with, your brand will need to narrow down your target audience specifically to speak to them. Your landing page might have a great design and be optimized for different users.

Still, if you are not receiving targeted visitors to your landing page, you will need to define your target audience and cater to them.

Personalize your marketing strategy to target your ideal customer with targeted landing pages. Answer specific pain points for your target customer on each landing page to nudge your audience toward your funnel.

Using this marketing tool is more apt to help your landing pages convert than a generalized marketing drive. In fact, targeting marketing converts four times more landing page visitors this way.

6. Leverage Reviews and Feedback

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When you have traffic engaging with your site, you know that your content marketing strategy works to bring them there.

The visitors are interested in your product or service, but failing to convert means they aren't convinced enough yet.

This is sometimes because of unresolved concerns or questions about your brand. Rather than waiting on a message, be proactive and provide answers to your site's most frequently asked questions and concerns.

There are two steps involved in this:

Offer an incentive for signing up for your email or newsletter by providing a discount. This identifies your visitors and provides you with a way to contact them.

Create a FAQ email, an email drip campaign, and prominently display social proof. We, as consumers, look to peer reviews when deciding on a purchase. Buyers love popular items—this is why influencers on social media work.

Such social proof like customer reviews, case studies, and social media shares will help prove your brand's worthiness and bring your visitors closer to a purchase.

Implementing an email drip campaign brings your potential customers further down the funnel. At the end of the campaign, they should be poised for a purchase.

7. Make Yourself Visible

Many of your visitors may have come to your landing page without first knowing your brand. You will need to show them that you are a legitimate business to reassure potential customers that they are spending their money on a real product or service.

Making your telephone number, email address, business address, or other contact information visible will help build trust and conversions for you.

8. Drive with Urgency

Consumers are driven by a sense of urgency. Use words like 'now' or 'limited time' to increase your conversion rate. That incentive you have given your customers for signing up can be for 'first-time' visitors or other time-based words.

The faster the visitor commits, the faster they will benefit from your product or service.

9. Test Drive

Every tweak you make to your landing pages can impact your conversion rate. So, it is crucial to test your landing pages often. This will give you insight into what is working and what is not. The use of many different optimization methods and testing is a winning combination for landing page conversions.

Consider this fact: businesses that use various optimizations are more likely to see improvements in their conversion rates.

10. Refine and Optimize

Your landing pages are working to bring the customers, but something is lacking. Maybe it is your content?

Your content needs to be engaging and should answer questions and pain points, but it should not be over complicated and full of jargon. You should hook the customer with your first sentence and convince them with your final sentence.

Always assume that you can improve. That means you can refine and revise your content, then test, and refine and revise again.


Improving Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

There are many reasons your landing pages aren't converting. Still, the key to improving these conversions is to not change everything at once.

Rather than changing everything and starting from scratch, try making small optimization changes and then test.

First, change one element and see what type of conversion you get from that. Changing anything more than this could mean that you are changing content that is working.

Focus on optimizing each stage of your sales funnel. Doing so will lead to higher conversion rates and more closings. Getting repeat business is dependent on the trust you build with your customers and how well you treat them.

Minor errors can impact your conversion rate, and testing for optimization can mean making tweaks here and there to get it right.

It might seem like it will be never-ending; however, the payoff of seeing an improvement in your conversion rate will be worth it in the end. And, who knows, one slight adjustment might do the trick!


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